Business Analyst


  • As a business analyst you'll work within an organization, helping to manage, change and plan for the future in line with their goals. This could be for one specific project, or as a permanent feature of the organization. You'll need to understand the current organizational situation, identify future needs and create solutions to help meet those needs, usually (but not always) in relation to information and software systems.

  • You'll need to demonstrate excellent understanding of the way the organization works and the sector it operates in, as you'll be helping the organization to develop its functions, services and products to meet goals with internal and external stakeholders.

  • You'll also play a key role in communicating between internal departments and external parties, acting as a 'translator' where necessary to convey how information technology can support the organization's needs.

You'll need to:

  • communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of departments and the organization as a whole
  • work with external stakeholders to understand and investigate feedback into the service, function, or product provided
  • use data modelling practices to analyse your
    findings and create suggestions for strategic and operational
    improvements and changes
  • consider opportunities and potential risks attached to suggestions you make
  • identify the processes and information technology required to introduce your recommendations
  • gain agreement, usually from senior management, of the best method of introducing your recommendations to the business
  • communicate the benefits of your recommendations across departments and help to address any uncertainty and concern
  • produce written documentation to support your work, report on your findings and to present to stakeholders when necessary
  • support staff and teams in making your recommended changes, including helping to resolve any issues
  • ensure plans are made and processes are
    created to evaluate the impact of the changes made, including taking
    responsibility for overseeing and reporting on this evaluation

Skill required:

  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft office
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
  • Have the ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Multi-task effectively and work under pressure
  • Knowledge of eBay and Amazon promotional and marketing tools
  • Be able to learn new ways to increase sales on eBay and Amazon via research
  • Knowledge of using Social Media Platforms

E. Salary : 23,000   per Annum

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